Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Picture Timeline

I thought Alecia had a neat idea with the acromegaly 'before & after' surgery picture timeline so I made one too. It helped me pinpoint when the physical changes started, probably around early 2003. In 4/02 I had my retainer adjusted because of the gap between my teeth widening. In 5/03 I had my rings resized larger. However I don't know when exactly the disease began of course.


Ken D. Webber said...

You might also investigate exposure to acrylic chloride and cats. Cats because they have ascaris. They cough up a hairball lick their paws, eggs on their fur, you pet em' and eat a sandwich, bingo , you got it too. If your liver is malfunctioning (college alcoholica) it doesn't stop ascaris eggs from traveling around in the body where they catch, lodge, begin to grow, then get attacked by the body, turning them into a tumor.

Alecia E. said...

Interesting to see your collage of pictures. You can really see a difference (I think) before and after surgery. Especially in your new blogger profile picture. Looks like most if not all the swelling has gone down. You look really great!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny,

I'm a 48 years old man from Germany. I was diagnosed with acromegaly a month ago and probably will have surgery in May.

Your timeline collage is very interesting and your photo after surgery really lights up my mood. You are such a beautiful lady and it's obvious the surgery and follow-up treatment was a full success reestablishing your beauty of before the disease. I feel very happy for you.

All the best

odelrio said...

Hi Jenny, the picture timeline is a great idea. I'll have to see about putting one together.

I just had my surgery last week and while I not out of the woods, I am encouraged.


Best regards,

Jennifer Takhar said...

Hello Jenny,
that was a great idea to put the picture timeline up on the blog.
I have to have my hormones checked to establish whether I have the condition. So far I have all the symptoms, the facial changes, stiff joints and jaw problems.

thanks for your blog entries!

Anonymous said...

I am currently in doing research about this disorder and I want to let you know how proud I am of you and encourage you to get this disorder out. There is not a lot of litterature on this subject. I have to say that out of all the cases I have seen you look fantastic! You are a very beautiful girl! Keep Up the good work!

tammy said...

hi jenny my name is tammy,i was diagnosed 5 yrs ago but probably had it a few years before diagnosis! ive had surgery 5yrs ago followed by radiotherapy for 5 weeks. im now on pegvisomant cause nothing else has worked! my blood results have improved greatly and im feeling 50% physically better after 5 month on it! reading your story and the others who have commented i dont feel so alone!!