Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Acro Monster

In response to an anonymous poster who didn't believe I looked like I physically had Acromegaly, here are before and after pictures. Oh, and thanks for the comment since I certainly don't wish to look like an Acromegalic :-) I never wanted to post my worst pictures because I was embarrassed and ashamed of the "monster" I felt that Acromegaly turned me into. But if it helps others, here it is. I'm including my reply to this person, although I forgot to include all of the physical signs of Acromegaly that I had, sorry my memory is still not the best. Another I can mention is I started developing an under bite and TMJ.

My Acro Monster (Pre- Surgery 9/2006, Surgery 12/2006)

Almost 5 Years Post Surgery (6/2011)

"Yes, I believe my Acromegaly may have been caught early. I did have the outward signs before I had surgery. Some of my physical symptoms of Acromegaly were: I gained 30 pounds, my nose and lips enlarged, my skin darkened and thickened, my brow started lowering and my eyes became further recessed. I had acne, I grew more facial hair. I also developed the body type of the Acromegalic with a barrel-like chest, and spade-like hands and feet. Going on a diet, having surgery 5 years ago, and the fact that I'm now on 40mg of Sandostatin every 3 weeks has gone a long way towards getting me back to looking normal, although I don't feel completely normal on the inside. I still have large knuckles and spade-like hands and feet, although my tissue swelling has reduced immensely. I haven't posted one of the worst pictures of myself before surgery, but I can do that so you can see more of a difference. Truthfully I'm embarrassed at the monster I became. This is my picture timeline."

My Picture Timeline