Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mini Update

I've been lifting weights a few times a week, and jog/walking a few times a week. I've done a lot of online research. I got a lot of useful information from on proper lifting techniques, they have some great videos.

The good news is I've been feeling so much more energy. I haven't been as depressed. I still have some issues with long distance driving causing me fatigue. And I still get extremely irritable, usually the week before my Sandostatin shots, as if the medication is wearing off. I hate everyone that week :-) I've told my children, you know the drill - ignore Mommy this week, I'll probably say a lot of horrible things that I really don't mean. I can't seem to control my outbursts even when I consciously try.

I've also noticed sometimes I still get the neck pain and headache on the left side. What's worked for me is a muscle relaxant. Once I've literally knocked myself out with that so I can relax and rest for a few hours, I feel wonderful afterward. I wish I didn't need my drugs, but they can be helpful when used carefully.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Acromegaly Connections Event 4/30

I received an email about an event in California that some may find interesting, details below.