Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Phone Call from the Endo

My next appointment with Dr. Ku at UCSF has been pushed to 4/28. I rescheduled so I could go get my labs done, DOH! He forgot to give me a lab slip, and I forgot to ask. It would be nice to actually have results to talk to him about when I see him :-) Anyway, he called today to tell me he got my labs from 3/9/09, that lovely glucose tolerance test again. It just keeps getting better and better trying to force myself to drink that nasty stuff without vomiting :-D I think I worry the poor lab tech. I must look visibly paler and more sickly every time I drink it :-D Back on topic, my GH was 1.2 ng/mL (after 2 hours) which is lower than it's been before, and that's great! It was 2.2 ng/mL in 5/08. So the 4 months on the increased Sandostatin 40mg has helped. Dr. Ku says he'd like my GH to be under 1 but if my IGF-1 is at a good level then he won't worry much. Unfortunately my IGF-1 may not be at a good level. My IGF-1 from 3/9 was 521, and that's up from 464 in 5/08. That's higher than it's been in the past. So Dr. Ku wants to know if the IGF-1 is actually higher, and he's sending me to another lab to try to pinpoint that number. If my IGF-1 comes back high again then he says he'd like to be more aggressive in my treatment because I'm topped out on the 40mg of Sandostatin. Hopefully I'll have good news to report in a few weeks.