Monday, September 12, 2011

Raw Food Diet

I've been trying to change my diet for my health the last few years since I've had Acromegaly and as a result, high blood pressure. I grew up on a high dairy diet (I loved milk, cheese, ice cream and eggs), then as an adult I transitioned to a higher protein, higher fat diet (thank you fast food) which also included high dairy. It seems a 100% raw food diet may be much more beneficial than I first thought. When I tried to go raw before I didn't stick with it, in part due to habit and societal reasons. What I didn't realize at the time, was that I was also probably in a detox phase that was uncomfortable. If I can find the motivation I'm going raw/organic. It's sobering to think my own diet may have caused my Acromegaly. I wish there was a way to cure or reverse the condition without medications. I've already transitioned to a very low salt diet (way under 1500mg/day) and have lowered my blood pressure to a normal level so that I don't need blood pressure medication anymore. My skin also looks better, it's no longer super dry to the point of flaking, and I have less acne.

Why Raw Food?